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Ready for Winter?


With winter upon us, we can’t help but ask, “Is your car ready for winter?”

Our vehicles do a lot for us, and most of us rely on them daily.  It is important to get them ready for the cold and elements that are coming soon.  So, what are the things you need to get checked?

  • Tires – Do you have good tread to help if there is ice or snow?  For safety reasons, it is important for your tires to get good traction in unexpected slick road conditions.
  • Battery – Does it still hold a good charge?  Is it too old to handle the cold?  Cold weather puts unusual strains on the charging system.  We are able to test the life of your battery.
  • Antifreeze – What’s the lowest temperature it can handle?  Coolant systems that are not in right proportions can lead to overheating due to freezing.
  • Windshield wipers – Are they ready to clear off snow and ice so you can see?  We can check to see if they are still in good condition to safely see.
  • Windshield Fluid – It is important to have the correct fluid that has antifreeze in it.
  • Heater – Is it ready to keep you warm?  Does your defrost system work for all the frost and ice that are coming?
  • Fluids – It is important to maintain correct fluid levels to help your vehicle handle the intense weather.
  • Regular maintenance – Are you up to date on  all required maintenance?  If it is due for maintenance then those items may not be able to handle the rough weather conditions.  You may end up stranded if you’re due for a water pump and timing belt and one or both break.
  • You should avoid driving in bad weather such as a blizzard, ice storm, high winds or extreme cold.  It is also important to keep an “emergency kit” in your vehicle, should you get stranded.  Some good items to keep with you are: a shovel, blanket, water, jumper cables, hand warmers, flares, flashlight with extra batteries, a small first aid kit, an extra ice scraper, etc.


If your vehicle needs anything to prepare for this winter, call us, we can help!

Our number is: 317-844-7566

We hope this helps you to prepare and be safe this winter!