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1 of 1 H/O MCACN at 2023 Barnfind and Hidden Gem Area

“I Spy……..!”
Perhaps the most elusive, mysterious, sought after, was it real, does it exist? where is it? is it…? ridden hard and put up wet, off the grid, the rarest? for those that knew about it, the most talked about, speculated about 1 of 1, yes, 1 of 1 Oldsmobiles ever!?, and yes perhaps the Most beautiful Hurst Olds Ever!?!?
Thanks Kurt Karch for introducing us to Bob Moyer and this 1 of 1 H/O.
“Cars are Cool, but the People and Their Stories Make Them Really Cool”
Wow, what an incredible blessing it has been getting to know Bob and quickly realizing that our lives have been running parallel in so many ways. “For such a time as this?”
MCACN 2023 Barnfind & Hidden Gem Area, Be There!!!  https://www.mcacn.com
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